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August 8th, 2015 Fun Shoot and Swap Meet

posted Aug 12, 2015, 5:50 PM by Chad K   [ updated Aug 12, 2015, 5:55 PM ]
The first official fun shoot in the Central Ohio (that I know of) was a great experience for all those in attendance.

We had over 25 participants (not counting wives and children) from 3 states. Brian Stafford and his wife made it up from Kentucky as Theodore Summers and his wife made the trip from Pennsylvania. We were all excited to see you guys and hope you make it back to our shoots! Participants were pulling up before the 9:30 start, but we all understood! Heck, most of the guys were so excited they didn't sleep well the night before. That feeling of Christmas was in the air, only it was for a lot of BIG Kids.

The swap meet portion of the show went well. Those that had brought stuff to swap had a bench behind their shooting position and were able to shoot and sell at the same time. Many nice guns were on the block and prices seemed very reasonable. I saw a Diana RWS 34P sell for $110. Dennis Baker and crew were also in attendance with a nice array of pellets and several PCP guns for sale. We really appreciated your support in helping to make this event a reality.

One really nice surprise was a rifle brought by Pat Cherry. It was a 1750 Bolzelbuchsen air rifle. The story has it that Mozart even used a similar rifle to the one he had. The bellows were spring loaded in the butt of the stock and the breech flipped up almost directly above the trigger area.

Between the meeting of both new and old acquaintances, some shooting actually took place. Mike Clark had setup a very nice field target range. He and another member (Eric) even setup sight-in targets for those who never shot field target to help determine hold over and have a reasonable level of success for a first attempt. In attendance from the Cleveland area were Roger Baker, Tyler Patner and Jeff Paddock from the OAFTSA. These guys are truly great shooters and even better people, thanks for making the trip and plan on a ft event sometime in the future in Columbus, Ohio.

On the open end of the range we had many big bores, pcp, co2 and spring guns on the line. Steven Joseph was shooting a .25 cricket, Eric Jones who also setup yardage makers to 100 yards was shooting custom made .357, .45 cal Sam Yang was on the lane as well as many other guns. I should make a special note on one gun that was a hit, was Scott Keenan and his .25 cal. Vulcan. That was one sweet shooting bullpup.

One last shout out to Nick Lawrance, Eric Jones, Mike Clark and Scott Keenan for all your help both before and after the event. Without you guys things wouldn't have gone nearly as smoothly. We couldn't ask for better club members!

I know that I didn't mention everyone, but a great time was had by all! If you didn't make it this time around but may be interested in our future events feel free to contact me and we will add you to our email list. I am sure that future events will be posted on the yellow too, but we all know these posting can be missed as they work their way down the page.