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Field Target Event - RESULTS

posted Jun 18, 2016, 9:05 PM by Chad Kentner   [ updated Jun 18, 2016, 9:08 PM ]

Central Ohio Airgunners held their first field target event on 6/18/16 and a good time was had by all. We had a total of 23 individuals at the event and 19 of them were competitors. We were pleased to have four shooters from Northern Ohio and another making the trip from South Western, Ohio and who could forget Baker Airguns as well. For the vast majority of the shooters this was the first time participating in a field target competition. It turned out to be a beautiful day with a high temperature in around 87, a light breeze and sunny.

The day consisted of a 45 minute sight in period. For the sight in range, we were able to acquire a nice setup from Ben at Steelplinkers. There is a short video on youtube showing this setup (click the link below). This was of course followed by a shooter’s safety meeting and then all six squads were off to take on the course. The course consisted of 15 lanes; with two targets each, for a total of 60 shots. The Troyer rating on the course was set at 28.

At the conclusion of the event we were all able to share stories, share contact information with new friends, have a few laughs as well as eat some well deserved lunch. During lunch scores were announced and a raffle held with donations from our club supporters.

If you have not made it for a shoot, we would certainly like to invite you to join in the FUN!

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August 6th - Fun Shoot & Swap Meet
September 3rd - Field Target Match:Pyramid Cup Warm UP
October 15th - Sniper Challenge & Fun Shoot

Steelplinkers Sight-In Range Video (1 min)


Hunter Piston: 

Eric Jones - RWS 54 - 40 
Chad Kentner - RWS 54 - 33 
Nick Lawrence - AA TX 200 - 25 
Don Reither - Crosman Sierra Pro - 16 
Jeff Swartz - RWS 34 -11 
Ken Hampton - RWS 34 - 8 

Hunter PCP: 

Camden Meyer - Daystate Pulsar - 47 
David Hitchcock - Daystate - 42 
Steve Joseph - Rapid 2007 - 38 
Jerry Hunt - EdGun - 31 
Scott Keenan - Cricket - 26 
Brian Manns - Benjamin Marauder - 23 
Dennis Baker - FX 400 - 22 
John Oblender - ********* - 19 
Michael Morgan - Disco Double - 18 
Doug Johnson - BSA Buccaneer - 14 


Tyler Patner - Steyer LG100 - 55 

WFTF Piston: 

Jeff Paddock - HW97 - 46 


Roger Barker - Benjamin Marauder - 43