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Midwest Airgun Show/June Field Target Results

posted Jun 21, 2017, 10:35 AM by Chad Kentner
Well I need to apologize for the delay in the update. However the airgun show and shoot left me needing to do a little catching up in some other areas of my life.

The show it self was a tremendous success with close to 300 visitors and over 70 tables of airguns for sales. The feedback from everyone who participated was great and vendors are already looking forward to joining us next year (date to be determined). The range on Saturday was also packed with people trying out new airguns from vendors including Air Ordinance, Mr. Hollowpoint and even Airguns of Arizona on Sunday. 

The field target match had 21 participants, with competitors in both HFT Spring and PCP, WFTF PCP and Open PCP classes. 

If you missed the June event, you will want to make sure that you have July's event on the calendar as it will be another field target match, followed in August by our Airgun Swap meet and fun shoot.

Final results are out of 60 shots:


Tyler Patner - 56
Krsiten Coss - 39
David Hitchcock - 34

Open PCP:

Larry Piercy - 54

Hunter PCP:

Camden Meyer - 47
Scott Keenan - 44
Eric Jones - 39
Ted Andro - 38
Chad Kentner - 36
Mike Clark - 36
Carl Lucas - 36
Tom Miller - 35
Jeff Little - 34
Tim Baylor - 34
Dennis Baker - 32
Bob Felton - 32
Doug Johnson - 27
John Eoblender - 23

Hunter Spring:

Nick Lawrence - 29
Jeff Swartz - 25
Ron Gleason - 6